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Kati Farkas

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THREE. [17 Jun 2004|04:39pm]
Kati entered her building. She had just finished shopping with Isabel. And was pretty tired. She hadn't found an outfit for the party yet. But she knew she had to outshine Serena. Both her and Isabel did.


Ow Ow Ow! My feet hurt, these shoes are so pinching my feet! Me and Issy just got back from shopping. She tried on this killer dress. I am not sure if shes going to wear it or not. She was all scared her mom wasn't going to let her. I told her to anyways. Oh wow guess what? Blair is sooo stalking Nate, I think Serena is helping her. Thats why she left lunch the other day, to go help Blair. I feel bad for Blair, she loves Nate still. Even after that incident with that little Jenny girl with the huge tits. I wish I had bigger boobs...


Kati hit update journal. Then went to go call Issy about the email Rain sent them. Too juicy.
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002. [15 Jun 2004|04:15pm]
Kati walked into her room. She had just gotten home from school, it was her senior free period. Usually she went with Isabel to Jackson Hole on their free period but Isabel was busy with some pilates thing. So Kati logged onto her journal.


BOOOORRRIING. I'm spending my free period today, at home. How lame am I? I should have asked Serena what she was doing during hers. And where the hell was Blair? She always eats lunch with Serena, maybe they are fighting?? I should call Issy and see if she knows anything. I need to get a new cell phone, I kinda misplaced mine at Chuck's party the other night.. oops. Wanna know whats been bugging me, why in yougurt do they put all the fruit at the bottom? I mean what good is it doing at the bottom of the cup?

Kati hit update, and continuted pondering her thoughts on yogurt. Then finally grabbed her Kate Spade wristlet and headed out to the cell phone store.. for the 2nd time this month.
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ONE. [11 Jun 2004|01:58pm]
Kati shut the taxi door and walked up and the doorman to her building.(984 Fifth Avenue down the street from the Stanhope Hotel and the Metropolitan Museum of Art all of her friends also lived in the area.) The doorman opened the door and greeted her.

Kati rushed to the elevator, she had just finished her tennis lesson and was to meet her best friend Isabel Coates to go have cheesecake in a little while. Kati pushed the elevator button and it whisked her up to her floor. Kati lived in one of the most beautifully decorated and largest apartments in the upper east side.

Kati went into her room. She had to change out of her black Chanel tennis skirt and her bright coral colored
Lacoste polo before she went to meet Isabel. Kati walked into her dressing room/closet and began looking for something to wear. Kati ended up choosing... her Marc Jacobs jean skirt with baby pink edging and a Theory plain baby pink camisole. She glanced over at her pink Jimmy Choo 4 inch stilletos. Instead she threw on her pink platform flip flops, she wasn't in the mood for heels.

Kati decided to log into her new online journal. She could finish getting ready to go after, Isabel tended to be late anyways.


Well Blair got on of these journal things, I heard he talking about so I just had to get one! I bet Serena has one too! I just have to tell Issy, to get one too!

I'm Kati Farkas, I am a senior at Constance Billard which is an all girls private school. I am cute, petite and blond. I am a perfect size 2.Oh and I am very fashionable. Me and all my friends are the most popular and most elite group on the upper east side. We party, we shop, we spend tons of money.

Right now I am about to go have some cheesecake with Isabel who is my absolute best friend. We will probably go into Bendels and Intermix while we are out. Well I need to finish getting ready.. more later.

<3 Kati


Kati put on her return to tiffanys heart bracelet. Her cell phone rang, her cell phone was decorarted in pink crystals, just like Serena van der Woodsen's phone. Kati grabbed her Dior saddle bag and headed out the door, to meet Isabel.
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