Kati Farkas (kati_farkas) wrote,
Kati Farkas


Kati walked into her room. She had just gotten home from school, it was her senior free period. Usually she went with Isabel to Jackson Hole on their free period but Isabel was busy with some pilates thing. So Kati logged onto her journal.


BOOOORRRIING. I'm spending my free period today, at home. How lame am I? I should have asked Serena what she was doing during hers. And where the hell was Blair? She always eats lunch with Serena, maybe they are fighting?? I should call Issy and see if she knows anything. I need to get a new cell phone, I kinda misplaced mine at Chuck's party the other night.. oops. Wanna know whats been bugging me, why in yougurt do they put all the fruit at the bottom? I mean what good is it doing at the bottom of the cup?

Kati hit update, and continuted pondering her thoughts on yogurt. Then finally grabbed her Kate Spade wristlet and headed out to the cell phone store.. for the 2nd time this month.
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